When you come to our addiction treatment facilities, you will be delighted by the facilities at your disposal. Not only are three of our properties situated on an idyllic beach setting, our luxury housing will provide peace of mind and comfort during these difficult times. These calm, tranquil, and beautiful settings are just what you need for quiet introspection and healing. Even our location that isn’t on the beach boasts luxury amenities and modern facilities. Along with a setting conducive to healing, you will have a high staff to client ratio so you can have your needs met at any time of day.

Various Forms of Therapy

  • Our faith-based 12-step addiction recovery program is centered on Christianity. This program has a foundation established by studying the Bible and the teachings of Christ. The goal of our faith-based program is to provide hope, freedom, sobriety, healing, and the opportunity to recover one day at a time. This program is only offered in intensive outpatient programs, and is carried out in group meetings offered a few times a week as a support group in addition to the standard group meetings. The faith-based program provides the perspective you need during these difficult times. Church is also offered when the staff is available to conduct the service.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy that was developed for clients with a history of trauma. Emphasizing the role of distressing memories in mental health disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the treatment is an evidence-based therapy used to mitigate the symptoms of disorders.
  • Relapse prevention is a part of every treatment at our drug rehabs. To prepare you for when you leave the supervision of our facility, we will create an aftercare program together to make sure the support and resources are in place to prevent relapse.
  • Family therapy is another extremely beneficial treatment practice offered at our drug rehab centers. Atone for your mistakes and heal the wounds of your relationships that have been hindered by addiction. Your family will also receive weekly updates from your case manager and will work with you to establish goals for your future.


If you don’t have transportation to and from the addiction recovery center, we can provide the necessary arrangements depending on your what you need to make your life easier. Appointments will be made through your case manager.

Wellness Activities

In addition to traditional therapies, we encourage wellness activities that are both healthy and holistic. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness training, and other wellness activities are held at our drug rehab centers to promote healing for each individual client.

Recreational Activities/ Field Trips

Our drug rehab facilities are always committed to providing recreational activities and field trips. We believe it is necessary to have fun when you are changing your life and recovering from addiction. We go to trampoline parks and go golfing, surfing, go-karting, paddle boarding, and provide art therapy classes. In addition to these special activities, we go on beach trips and trips to the movies on weekends.


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