Our traditional 12-step addiction recovery program is the most successful drug rehab service we offer. It will guide you through the ups and downs of addiction rehab.

These sessions will be the bedrock of your recovery.

They are not optional because they make up the foundation of treatment. Sober Techniques will help you with informative sessions where the whole facility will be informed about topics like chemical dependency and relapse prevention. Communal meetings will also be an essential part of your recovery. Group therapy allows you to learn more about the other people you will work together with to heal and support each other. You will listen to their stories, share your own, and learn how to overcome addiction together.

Treatment Program

Whatever your program ends up looking like, it will always be customized to your needs and situation. No two people are the same, their addictions vary immensely, and their addiction treatments should be just as unique. You will meet with your therapist for one-on-one counseling a few times a week and with your case manager once a week.

During the week, the drug rehab facility hosts classes on various topics Monday through Friday. On the weekend, the facility will go out as a group to do fun activities like seeing movies, paddle boarding, hiking, beach trips, and more. These outings are decided by your fellow residents. Occasionally you will be able to go out without a group with a waiver signed by the appropriate caregiver. On Saturdays, you and your fellow residents can go out in the afternoon and eat with the house. You will also have the opportunity also go to the movies and do other fun activities on Sundays. Each year the facility attends the annual Rock to Recovery concert where we enjoy a good time and a positive environment conducive to all kinds of healing and rehabilitation. Here you will have the chance to learn about music and play musical instruments. Additionally, we offer Recovery in Motion program helps clear the mind through healing therapy of light exercise. This evidence-based program was created by Robert Layton with the purpose of helping people transform their lives from dealing with addiction to recovering holistically, comprehensively, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Another helpful method is art therapy. You will be taught how to make art in a calming and soothing setting. Being productive and artistically fulfilled will help you find meaning and reward in your life as you heal. Sober Techniques promotes the healing qualities of yoga at our addiction treatment facilities. Not only is the practice great for your physical health, it is beneficial for your mental and spiritual well-being. You will be surprised how much yoga can help you. When you go to leave our addiction recovery center, you will depart with the comprehensive and customized addiction treatment that will guide you through the rest of your recovery and prevent relapse. We are always here for you with aftercare and relapse prevention solutions.


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