Sober Techniques offers an Intensive Outpatient and a general Outpatient Program.

During intensive outpatient therapy, one-on-one sessions are conducted to support you and help you achieve your goals, including your professional and academic endeavors. You will have weekly meetings with your case manager, sessions with your therapist, and will attend 15 hours of group therapy a week, where you will exchange tips and share your stories with others.

Get your professional goals intact at life counseling. Here you can get the information and resources for schooling, jobs, and the other things you want to pursue. At our drug rehab facilities you can get help to build your resume and look for a job with simulated interviews and other advice. We can also help you apply for college or technical school to help you make plans for your future. Our professionals even tutor you to help out with basic education.

In addition to professional assistance, Sober Techniques will help you budget for your future. Any schooling you will attend, any debts you may have, and payments to the drug rehab facility will be calculated to help you establish a budget plan. Financial stability is a part of your growth. We will help you with this tangential aspect of your recovery as well.

We know outpatient programs can be tough when you don’t have access to transportation. If you don’t have a way to get to your meetings, therapy, and other appointments at the drug rehab center, we may provide the necessary transportation.

There are plenty of other benefits that outpatient therapy has to offer. You will have access to a gym five days a week after you finish detox. Meals will be provided daily to all our outpatient clients. We provide 45, 60, and 90 day programs, but we can also authorize programs up to six months. When you come to our drug rehab facility, you will also engage in recreational activities including going to trampoline parks, golfing, surfing, go-karting, art classes, paddle boarding, hiking, beach trips, and attending movies. Sober Techniques can also provide some assistance with your legal issues, such as submitting proof of program attendance to courts, probation officers, parole officers, and employers. We can also provide weekly letters of attendance, progress reports, and letters of graduation after you have completed the program




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